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This world's leading music and movement classes is in Malaysia! SIM touches lives through Kindermsuik at SIM since 1994 in Malaysia, our licensed educators help you nurture and accelerate your child's total development ? because your child will be nurtured by the only centre with the most experience educators, taught the most classes and with proven track record!

An internationally acclaimed music program for young children from newborn to 7 years,
Kindermusik taught by the NO.1 in Malaysia!

" Is your child in the hands of the educators that you entrust to make a difference to their future? "

SIM has been offering Kindermusik classes in Malaysia since 1994. Our Kindermusik educators are highly qualified including masters and degree holders in music. They have all successfully completed a rigorous and comprehensive Kindermusik Professional Workshop. Energetic, cheerful and dedicated to providing the best education for your child through the Kindermusik program, they are a pride.

What is Kindermusik?
  • An introduction to music that nurtures the TOTAL development of the whole child
  • Broad-based music curricula with a rich assortment of musical activities.
  • Based on latest research on early childhood development.
  • Age appropriate and developmental-appropriate.
  • Process oriented.
  • Child-centered.
  • Parents-Children-Teachers working together.
  • Materials of exemplary quality.
  • Promotes cognitive, social, physical emotional, and language development, symbolic thinking, coordination, social interaction and creativity.
  • A preparation and motivation for the children to continue with other musical experiences and foster a life-long love of music.
  • FUN and JOYFUL!

Kindermusik Core Curriculum
Kindermusik Core Curriculum
Kindermusik Core Curriculum

Kindermusik Sign & Sing
(Sign Language class)
Kindermusik Adventure
(special holiday program)
Kindermusik Music Box
(for kindergarten / childcare setting)
NEWSign & Sing Adventures
Music Box
6 months to 3 years

Know the Sign of early learning
2 to 4 years

Creatures In My Backyard
3 to 4 years

Music All Around
I Can Make Music
Music Everyday
  4 to 7 years

Around The World / Near & Far
4 to 5 years

Sing and Play Together
Exploring Music Together
Making Music Together

Kindermusik Village
He'll use the same repetition skills to help him say his first words

Ages Newborn to 18 months with parent/caregiver throughout class.
Class Duration 45 minutes, once a week.
Semesters 6 semesters of 8 weeks, non-sequential
Description This exciting multi-age program incorporates parent education with musical immersion for very young babies. Conceived along with the Foundations of Learning, parents will be shown how musical activities aid in your child's cognitive, social, emotional, physical and language development. Class activities include vestibular stimulation through rocking, dancing, intentional touch, object play and finger play... all accompanied by multi-cultural songs, traditional chants and specially commissioned music.
Materials A home activity / journal in the form of scrapbook which contain 8 Home Activity Cards, 3 song cards, and 1 card with developmental information, a home CD featuring all Kindermusik Village songs and chants, PLUS more music for additional at-home listening pleasure, a baby's literature book, a wall banner featuring 8 art panels, a Kindermusik see-through vinyl bag with carrying handle.

Our Time
Kindermusik Our Time

She'll use the same listening skills to follow directions

Ages 18 months - 3 years
accompanied by parent/caregiver throughout class.
Class Duration 45 minutes, once a week
Semesters 4 semesters of 15 weeks, non sequential
Description This class provides a joyful and stimulating environment in which a child's musical instincts are encouraged and rudimentary musical skills are developed. Activities include singing & chanting, tonal and rhythmic patterning, instrument exploration, creative movement, focused listening and Music and Movement StoryTime.
Materials 2 CDs filled with beautiful music featuring folk songs from around the world in many different languages, 2 Music & Movement Books, a Home Activity Book, Foundations of Learning insights and an instrument.

Imagine That
Kindermusik Imagine That

He'll use the same problem solving skills to excel in math

Ages 3 - 5 years

Class Duration 45 minutes, once a week, Child attends first 30 minutes alone.
Parent/caregiver joins in for the last 15 minutes of Parent Sharing Time

Semesters 2 semesters of 15 weeks, non sequential

Description This class provides experiences which introduce basic concepts of music while fostering creativity, imagination, language and movement development. Activities include singing, tonal and rhythm patterning, movement, focused listening, playing and exploring simple instruments, experiencing musical concepts through the exploration of opposites, and creative drama.

Materials Picture songbook, CD, parent's weekly activity cards, home activity materials, and Kindermusik carry bag.

Young Child Kindermusik for the Young Child
She'll use the same sense of rhythm to dribble through the defense

Ages 5 - 7 years
Class Duration 1 hour 15 minutes, once a week. Child attends first hour alone. Parent/caregiver joins in for the last 15 minutes of Parent Sharing Time.
Semesters 4 sequential 15-week semesters, total of 60 weeks.
Description The goals and objectives of this curriculum are very specific. Activities include singing, movement, discriminative listening, playing glockenspiel, dulcimer, recorder, and other simple instruments, ensemble playing, building tonal & rhythmic vocabulary, learning the rudiments of reading and writing musical notation, sight-singing, composing, creating, and terminology exploration.
Materials Folder with pictures and drawing paper, games bag, family songbook, home CD, "Music at Home" pages, attendance stickers, glockenspiel with mallets, Kindermusik carry bag.

3rd Semester - add dulcimer
4th Semester - add recorder

Sign & Sing
New! Kindermusik Sign & Sing
(Sign language class)
Sign language curriculum for parents with hearing children
Know the Sign of early learning

Ages 6 months - 3 years

Class Duration 45 minutes
Semesters 2 Semester, total 10 weeks.
Description Developed by Signing Smart
In only five lessons, learn the research-proven methods shown to speed language development in hearing children, facilitate early communication, ease frustration and enchance long-term learning abilities.

A different approach from other sign language programs. Through songs, toys, and loving playtime, Kindermusik Sign & Sing shows you more than 50 signs your child can use to communicate with you. Using research-proven methods shown to speed language development in hearing children, you'll see how sign language can ease frustration and enhance long-term learning abilities for your child.

Songs and fingerplays. Already accustomed to fingerplays and rhyme-songs—such as “Pease porridge hot"—you'll easily substitute American Sign Language (ASL) signs in familiar songs, improving your child's language skills, fine motor skills, and strengthen fingers for zipping zippers and using scissors.

Learn when you play. You'll never have to memorize a list of signs. We give you the ASL signs that are useful to you, and yet interesting to your child. So playtime and everyday items around the house—ball, bubbles, car, mom and dad—become the objects of learning in the classroom, and sign language becomes a natural, happy part of your child's day.

Hearing children who know signs, learn language almost twice as fast. As early as 11-14 months old, hearing children exposed to sign language put little sentences together faster than non-signing children, who do not begin to combine words into short sentences, such as "Da-da car" until the average age of 20 months.
Study conducted by Dr. Michelle Anthony and Dr. Reyna Lindert, Signing Smart program founders.

Benefits for Your Child and You
Communicate with your child even before she can form the words.
Ease a child's frustration by helping her communicate what she needs, speed language development, and enhance long-term learning abilities.
Know when your child is most ready to interact and learn.
Learn sign language teaching methods, such as making the sign on a child's body, on the floor, or hand over hand.
Recognize and respond to your child's version of signs.

Enjoy the Journey All Week Long
Sign & Sing is much more than a weekly class. The At Home Materials you receive from your Educator help you to continue that one-of-a-kind experience at home. Family involvement in your child's learning is a fundamental cornerstone of the Kindermusik philosophy because we believe the parent is the child's most important teacher and the home is the most important place for a child's learning to take root and grow.


Kindermusik Adventure

Ages 2 - 4 years.

Duration This special holiday camp program is available in 5 sessions of 1 hourly classes, using an integrated approach employing movement/dance, music and storytelling to foster creativity in the very young child.

Material Picture folders, home CD, a bunny hand-puppet.

Ages 4 - 7 years.

Duration This program is available either as a holiday camp program of 5 continuous days of 2 hourly sessions, or as a bridging program of 10 hourly sessions weekly. In Around The World, music, movement and artistic activities take children on an international journey as they experience a variety of cultures around the world including Germany, Japan, Africa, England and Mexico. Children will also learn about life, fun and music-making in new and exciting places.
Adventures Near and Far helps children explore and appreciate unique environments all over the globe. Through engaging, imaginative activities, children learn about climate, vegetation, inhibitants and history. Through music and movement, children "smell" and "see" a host of flower and plant life, "run" with wildlife bounding through the mountain tops, and "explore" the rich habitats of a rain forest and the abundance of life at the bottom of the sea.
The hourly session will include parents/caregiver in the last 15 minutes. By using an integrated arts approach with lots of hands-on activities, children learn about the culture of 5 countries around the world or the climate and animals of five different geographical areas on the earth.

Material Student folk pack includes home CD, picture song folder, folk instruments, arts & crafts items and manipulative's, bag.

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Music Box
Kindermusik Music Box(for Kindergarten/Childcare centre)

Ages 3 - 4 years, 4 - 5 years

Class Duration 30 minutes, once a week. Child attends the class without parents.

Semesters 6 semesters of 10 weeks, non-sequential.

Description Designed specifically for the kindergarten/childcare environment, the curriculum not only provides a rich assortment of musical activities for children, it also reinforces important early childhood concepts such as numbers, colours, shapes and letters.

Materials Music "box" for each child, CD, picture songbook, manipulatives and activity cards that keep parents informed.

Interested in bringing Music Box to your Kindergarten/Childcare centre? We supply you with the following assistance:

  • A qualified Kindermusik educator at your doorstep
  • All necessary materials for the children
  • Classroom instrument & equipment
  • Marketing & promotional support

All that remains to offer Music Box successfully in your school is to provide adequate classroom space, preferably carpeted and free from distractions.

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